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An end-to-end payment solution for pods, microschools, co-ops & the families they serve.

Meet Finli!

You focus on teaching, we will ensure you get paid accurately and on time.

As a pod tutor, microschool or co-op instructor there is a lot to think about when setting up your families for their new school norm. The curriculum, getting to know your new families, etc.

But, have you thought about how you are going to get paid?

With Finli, you can:

Digitize enrollment and create custom student & family profiles

Create a pricing list for various items, both recurring and one-time fees

Automatically send out invoices to your families

Provide your families with a #parentapproved mobile-app where they can view invoices, add grandma to contribute, and set to autopay!

Finli is designed for educators in a pod, microschool, or co-op to easily send invoices and manage multiple or split payments.

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